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A modern adaptation of a beloved classic that sees the Wonderland characters going on a day-trip on the London Underground

Alice’s Adventures on the London Underground

Peter Lawrence
Illustrations by Andrew Davidson

It’s a cool July day. A young girl is tired of window-shopping in Oxford Street, when a white rabbit runs past her looking at his watch. “Oh dear! Oh dear! It’s 3 o’clock already. I shall be too late!” Without thinking, she chases after the rabbit and they disappear down the escalator into Oxford Street Underground station. 

As the girl steps onto an Underground train, something remarkable happens and an adventure begins that takes her back in time to meet the characters of Wonderland. In a tale that links the world of Lewis Carroll with today’s London Underground, the reader is transported to be a special guest at a mad tea-party, to do battle with the Red Queen and her Guards, chase round the London Underground system and fight the terrifying Jabberwock. 

The first underground railway in the world opened in London in 1863 just a year after Lewis Carroll first told Alice Liddell the story that became Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Did Carroll travel on those underground steam trains? Did he tell stories as he went? Here, Carroll has begun a new tale about the Wonderland characters going on a day-trip to London. With the story unfinished, the Hatter, the March Hare, the Dormouse and all are left stranded in the Underground, waiting to be rescued by a modern-day Alice. But will Alice ever come?

Peter Lawrence pays tribute to Carroll’s imagination and verbal brilliance with this modern adaptation of the author’s much-loved characters and themes. Illustrated by award-winning wood engraver Andrew Davidson, Alice’s Adventures on the London Underground will appeal to the many readers of Carroll’s classic stories. 

Peter Lawrence is a wood engraver and designer. Previously Chair of the Society of Wood Engravers and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, with prints in the collections of the V&A Museum, the Ashmolean Museum and the Heilongjiang Museum of Printmaking, China. Andrew Davidson is a designer and engraver of the Royal Mail Coronation stamps following sets for the Olympic Games and special Christmas designs. He won awards for The Iron Man and illustrated the covers of the adult editions of the Harry Potter novels. 

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88 pp
14 engravings
ISBN: 9781838463083
November 2023