"Short, entertaining and tells us a lot."—The Oxford Times

John Henry Newman

Fighter, Convert and Cardinal

Anthony Mockler

Praise for Anthony Mockler’s St Francis of Assisi “Francis’ wit could also be savage, and one of the most interesting facets of Mr Mockler’s book is that his Francis stirs us to affection, wonder and even tears, although his biographer does not flinch from Francis’ harder side.” -Marina Warner, New Statesman “Anthony Mockler handles Francis’ life with an exquisite blend of tact, imaginative sympathy and realism.” -Dervla Murphy, Irish Times “This is then not only am unexpected book but a rather exciting book… It is worth ten ordinary pedestrian lives which tell us nothing new. And if it makes us think, and think again, that is no doubt what the author intended.” -John Moorman, Times Literary Supplement John Henry Newman was in many ways the Catholic Church’s Duke of Wellington in Victorian times-except that he fought his campaigns and won his battles with his pen rather than the sword. Similar in appearance, both were very great Englishmen, and now, with his beatification by Pope Benedict, Newman looks set to become what he certainly never expected to be: an icon for the twenty-first century and a name known throughout the world.This concise and accessible biography provides the essential background to Newman’s long and pivotal career, spanning his role in the Oxford Movement, his conversion to Catholicism, his important theological writing and his impact on the modern Church. It provides a fascinating flavour of his writings and personality as well as an introduction to his contemporaries-friends, family and enemies too, many of whom met their own Waterloo. Often controversial and always influential, Cardinal Newman remains to this day a central figure in the Catholic Church and beyond. The Oxford Movement: The University, Littlemore and the Tracts The Conversion to Rome: From Anglican to Catholic Woes in Ireland: The Trials of a Catholic University The Written Legacy: Tracts, Essays and The Dream of Gerontius Teacher and Tutor: Founding the Oratories A Cardinal at Last: Recognition by Rome The Road to Beatification: A Modern Miracle Anthony Mockler is an historian who has written biographies of three different Catholics: St Francis of Assisi, Graham Greene, and now Newman.

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