A short and accessible biography of the iconic revolutionary, written by acclaimed BBC broadcaster Nick Caistor.

Che Guevara

Nick Caistor

Argentine by birth, Ernesto Che Guevara came to embody the spirit of the Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro. Guevara spent two years fighting in the sierras of Cuba, and after the revolutionaries victory became one of the most important members of the government as well as one of Castro s closest and most controversial associates. Also an important writer, Guevara constantly put forward ideas about how to spread anti-imperialist revolution throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. He made a huge contribution to theories about how a socialist society should lead to the emergence of a new man who represented what for him were the humanist values of the Cuban revolution. His later years took him to Africa, in search of another guerrilla war, and finally to a tragic end in the mountains of Bolivia. Che Guevara was someone who showed few contradictions between his life and his writing, and his example continues to win admirers among new generations anxious to explore ways of changing their world. In this short, accessible biography Nick Caistor explores the life and ideas of an iconic revolutionary.

Nick Caistor is a former BBC Latin American analyst who writes and broadcasts widely on Latin America and Cuba. He is the author of Mexico City: a Cultural and Literary Companion (Signal).

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